Investment projects

Investment projects of the «Novosibirskhleboprodukt» JSC in 2018:

  1. Launching of a gas pipeline to transfer grain drying from oil to natural gas. Gasification of production allowed to increase the productivity and quality of work of the elevator of the «Tatarskzernoprodukt» LLC; 
  1. Launching of additional railway scales at the elevator of the «Tatarskzernoprodukt» LLC, with the possibility of on-line weighing of railway cars at the place of their loading;
  1. Commissioning of an additional grain cleaning line and a filling line at the elevator of «Ust-Tarkskoe HPP» JSC; 
  1. Purchase of a set of laboratory equipment for determining the quality of brewing barley at the elevator of the «Tatarskzernoprodukt» LLC.